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9th Partner meeting of Project LOGICAL at Wrocław, Poland – February 10.-11. , 2014

We take great pleasure in inviting you to the 9th Conference and Partner be held February 10-11, 2014, Wrocław, Poland. The aim of the conference is to present LOGICAL (Central Europe project on Transnational Logistics Improvement through Cloud Computing and Innovative Cooperative Business Models) with relation to novel trends in Information Technology in logistics.

In the first day, a few key researchers and projects leaders are invited to present the latest achievements and the benefits of usage of IT in management logistic processes. The afternoon session will be focused on logistic services available in LOGICAL cloud, IT tools and cloud computing solutions.

The conference presentations and discussions will be translated simultanously into Polish.

The second day will be the internal meeting of LOGICAL partners.

Conference Chair: Jerzy Korczak, Wrocław University of Economics

Co-chair: Marcin Pawęska, CL-Consulting and Logistics, Wrocław

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