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Public Project Documents

  Project Flow Plan - [Projekt-Partner- und Arbeitspaketübersicht]
» 6,6 KiB - 5. Januar 2012

  LOGICAL - Development of Cloud Computing Platforms and Tools for Logistics Hubs and Communities
» 1,3 MiB - 12. Mai 2012
Paper for IT4L 2012

  Project LOGICAL Cloud Architecture
» 7,9 MiB - 89 hits - 1. März 2013
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Expertise & report - Cloud Comouting in Logistics - Cloud Architecture and Use Cases of the Leipzig-Halle Logistics Cluster

  Project LOGICAL - International Survey Analysis
» 1,7 MiB - 1. März 2013
Goals, Constraints, Methodology, Regional Survey Results & Summary

  Presentation of Project LOGICAL for Logistic Hubs & Clusters in Europe
» 154,7 KiB - 9. Juli 2013
The document describes the targets of the project and the benefits for Logistic Clusters and Logistics Regions.

  Evolutionary Algorithms in Supply Chain Optimization for Multimodal Transport
» 121,6 KiB - 2. Dezember 2013
Authors: Jerzy Korczak, Piotr Lipinski, Krzysztof Michalak, Patryk Filipiak, Paweł Sitek

  Il Cloud Computing nella gestione della logistica per le PMI
» 874,9 KiB - 3. Februar 2014

  Il Progretto LOGICAL per una gestione della Logistics piu innovativa sostenibile
» 295,3 KiB - 3. Februar 2014
Sviluppo di una piattaforma cloud per l’erogazione di servizi a supporto dello sviluppo di una logistica più sostenibile nelle PMI: questo il focus del progetto europeo Logical a cui partecipa la Provincia di Bologna e l’Interoporto.

  Expertise & Report: Cloud Computing in Logistics: Launch of cloud and cloud location specific programming in Leipzig-Halle region
» 6,4 MiB - 0 hits - 5. Februar 2014
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WP4 (Leipzig): Launch of cloud and cloud location specific programming here: Leipzig-Halle Logistics region prepared for Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG (PP2) and Leipzig-Halle Logistics Cluster (PP3)

  Project Communication Plan - Version 2.0 (3rd September 2012)
» 929,8 KiB - 0 hits - 11. Februar 2014
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The LOGICAL communication plan strategically arranges all activities and each partner’s role within the project. It provides the guidelines for the internal and external communication to be followed by all the persons in charge of the preparation, management and realisation of communication activities.