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Final Conference & 12th Partner meeting of Project LOGICAL at Leipzig, Germany– 18th to 19th of September 2014

The final conference and the 12th international partner meeting will take place in Leipzig (Germany) from 18th to 19th of September 2014.

It is possible to meet with the other project partners also at 17th of September for an informal meeting and discussion of follow-up project ideas (see agenda). The main topics of the meeting are:

  • the final project conference at the University of Leipzig as part of the central german logistics forum
  • WP1: reporting and monitoring of project status – project prolongation procedure
  • WP2: current partner activities
  • WP4: current development status and finalisation
  • WP5: business plan and model contracts
  • WP6: transnational service management agreement

Agenda and Programme (preliminary)

2014-09-18_LOGICAL_12th_IWG_Leipzig_Agenda 2014-09-18_logical_agenda

Contact details

Saskia Schwarzer Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH Otto-Schill-Straße 1 D-04109 Leipzig fon: +49 (341) 140779-0 fax: +49 (341) 140779-11 e-mail: web:

11th Partner meeting of Project LOGICAL at Budapest, Hungary – 8th to 9th July 2014

The 11th international partner meeting will take place in Budapest (Hungary) from 8th to 9th July 2014. The main topics of the meeting are:

  • WP4: current development status and finalisation of platform functionalities, business survey and evaluation report
  • WP5: online learning tool, logistics cloud business plan and contract model
  • WP6: transnational logistics cloud market launch and transnational cloud service management agreement

Agenda and Programme


Registration and Accomodation

Please use the registration form and the accomodation booking form for your visit.

Contact details

  • ISTVÁN Zsolt
  • Head of Department
  • H-3519 Miskolc, Iglói út 2.
  • telefon: +36-30/928-4987
  • e-mail:
  • web:

10th Partner meeting of Project LOGICAL at Bologna, Italy – 8th to 9th May 2014

The 10th international partner meeting will take place in Bologna (Italy) from 8th to 9th May 2014.

The main topics of the internal meeting are:

o   WP4: demonstrator implementation, test phase & test report

o   WP5: logistics cloud business plan , terms of use and transnational service management agreement

o   WP6: The central logistics cloud management body

Agenda and Programme

Please find enclosed the draft agenda for the next project meeting that will be held on May 8-9th in Bologna.


The meeting will be held in the INTERPORTO BOLOGNA premises, outside the city center, while the dinner will be held in the city center, thus we are organizing a shuttle bus between the city center and Interporto Bologna. In order to do that, we must know on short notice how many persons will  participate in order to book the bus.

Contact details

Giuseppe Dall’Asta
ConsorzioIB Innovation
Via Altabella, 15  –  40126 Bologna (BO)  –  Italy and

9th Partner meeting of Project LOGICAL at Wrocław, Poland – February 10.-11. , 2014

We take great pleasure in inviting you to the 9th Conference and Partner be held February 10-11, 2014, Wrocław, Poland. The aim of the conference is to present LOGICAL (Central Europe project on Transnational Logistics Improvement through Cloud Computing and Innovative Cooperative Business Models) with relation to novel trends in Information Technology in logistics.

In the first day, a few key researchers and projects leaders are invited to present the latest achievements and the benefits of usage of IT in management logistic processes. The afternoon session will be focused on logistic services available in LOGICAL cloud, IT tools and cloud computing solutions.

The conference presentations and discussions will be translated simultanously into Polish.

The second day will be the internal meeting of LOGICAL partners.

Conference Chair: Jerzy Korczak, Wrocław University of Economics

Co-chair: Marcin Pawęska, CL-Consulting and Logistics, Wrocław

Invitation & Programme



8th Partner meeting of Project LOGICAL at Budapest (Hungary) – 21st to 22nd November 2013

The 8th international partner meeting will take place in Budapest (Hungary). All project partners come to Budapest and make joint meetings where the next project planning will be discussed.

The partner meeting will take place in Hotel Aquincum. Meanwhile, there will be a conference of Hungarian logistics companies.

For the project meeting several logistics companies are arriving from all partner countries.

The agenda will be published here in the next days.

LOGICAL Transnational Seminar 24.09.2013 at Leipzig (Germany)

Transnational Seminar

The Transnational Seminars provide opportunities for international b2b networking, local events and workshops strengthen each location‘s clusters. Further incentives to promote wide business participation are the invitation to participate in Transnational Seminars. Those represent interesting opportunities to exchange with businesses active at the other LOGICAL locations and to prepare transnational business partnerships.

Program for September 23th 2013


Program for September 24th 2013

Dirk Ottwald, Prof. Dr. Bogdan Franczyk

LOGICAL Launch Event
Prof. Dr. Uwe Arnold

Coffee Break

LOGICAL Cloud Workshop – Introduction into the Cloud
Project Team and “Hands on the Cloud”


LOGICAL Cloud Workshop – Meet the Project Team & Developers
Time for Discussion


Conference innoLOGIST
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