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Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH

Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig is a joint project agency of the City of Leipzig and the districts of Leipzig and Mittelsachsen (all NUTS III public authorities) that has been created specifically for the acquisation of European funding and for the support of the region’s local public authorities’ participation in EU programmes. The organisation is a public-equivalent body with a mission to promote regional development for an area of more than 1 million inhabitants and to make European best practises available to public actors and stakeholders from the region and to allow good practises brought forward by the region’s institutions be shared with other regions. Through its participation as lead applicant, partner or subcontractor in numerous EU projects, Aufbauwerk has a huge expertise in transnational projects. The participation in EU projects takes place on behalf of its public shareholders. Through its board, the agency is well connected to different levels of government.

In its funtion as coordinator of the CITYREGIO II project, the organisation has moderated the creation of the logistics cluster of the Leipzig urban region in 2008 and closely works together with the regional public authorities in the implementation of projects promoting economic development. The tools, approaches and experiences used for the strengthening of different clusters will be exploited as basis for the development of suitable instruments to promote the logistics sector.

In the LOGICAL project, Aufbauwerk will exploit its rich expertise in the coordination and management of European projects as the project’s lead partner. Furthermore, the agency takes advantage of its capacities to reach out to businesses to ensure the participation of the logistics sector’s key actors in the project. It will furthermore regularly inform its board members about the project progress and contributes to the integration of results into policies.


Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH
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