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CL Consulting & Logistics Ltd.

The company is previously participated in research projects on ICT solutions for the logistics cluster where it worked closely together with the Wroclaw University of Economics and local key actors from the logistics sector.

CL Consulting and Logistics Ltd. is a consulting company that offers training and advisory services in area of logistics, transport and supply chain. This includes preparatory work for implementation of ICT software to optimize product and information flow as well as creation of own models and tools for such optimization. Company is already sixteen years on the market and has established reputation as prime point of contact, advisory and support within logistics environment. The company has extensive contacts within industry that can be easily used in the project. In addition through our work we understand current logistics environment as well as expectations of transport managers with relation to ICT software. Some of its consultants have extensive and detailed knowledge of modern ICT technologies and their current state of adoption in Poland.

Its capacities with regard to the interests of the logistics sector and its ability to reach out to businesses will be exploitet in the implementation of LOGICAL. The partner will organise awareness raising and participatory measures addressed to the anticipated end-users of the cloud computing device, co-ordinate business participation in the testing of the beta-version of the ICT device and in the planned Transnational Seminars, and diffuse the final „LOGICAL Cloud“ among key stakeholders in logistics in order to promote the new device’s uptake and introduction in daily routines.


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