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Interporto Bologna S.p.a.

Interporto Bologna has been involved in various ICT projects related to freight transport multimodality, such as, GILDANET, MEDIGATE, SCUTUM, TIGER, HINTERPORT, CITYLOG, MENTORE, MOSES. In the area of transport logistics mastering apart from its traditional activi-ties and above mentioned projects, it has also been involved in AGORA, PROMIT, TIGER. In particular, HINTERPORT and AGORA (Marco Polo) projects aim at the increased cooperation within and among major intermodal hubs.

Interporto Bologna has been involved in transport logistics using ICT during the last five years by im-plementing hub and corridor oriented platforms. Using state of the art technologies, the organisa-tion has substantial capacities to contribute to both design/development of the “LOGICAL Cloud” and its implementation in a real case integrated to its aforementioned ICT platforms. On the other hand, Interporto Bologna has developed competences in the introduction of innovative cooperative logistics models and can demonstrate their applicability un-der real life conditions through its business net-work.

As infrastructure operator, the organisation has the capacity and decision-making power to lead the introduction of cloud computing in logistics. The new system will enhance the hubs‘ global competitiveness. During the elaboration of the cloud computing concept, the experiences and perspectives of an infrastructure provider will be made available.


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