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KIUT Regional Development Association

KIUT Regional Development Agency is one of the partners of the Záhony Development Programme of the Hungarian national government. The program totals about 128 million Euro and aims to strengthen Záhony’s location at the frontiers with Ukraine and Slovakia and nearby boarders to Romania and Poland. The program is funded by ERDF resources and is governed by a special Commissioner designated by the Prime Minster’s office.

KIUT is the Regional Development Association of the Záhony area in Eastern Hungary. It represents local public authorities and businesses. The organisation is the operator of the Záhony terminal, the largest multi-modal hub in Hungary. Located directly at the border to Ukraine, the Záhony area has a central role for freight transport from and towards Eastern Europe. It is one of the biggest rail transfer points along the Eastern border of the European Union.

As infrastructure operator, the organisation has the capacity and decision-making power to lead the introduction of cloud computing in logistics. The new system will enhance the hubs‘ global competitiveness. During the elaboration of the cloud computing concept, the experiences and perspectives of an infrastructure provider will be made available.


KIÚT Térségfejlesztési Egyesüler
Európa Tér 20.
4625 Záhony

Mr Rákóczi András
Phone: +36 45 525633
Fax: +36 45 525634