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Regional Development Agency of Usti Region, PLC

The RDA UR is the public equivalent body, with the staff ex-perienced in the development activities of businesses, mu-nicipalities and regions. It has 24 experienced and qualified people, who are able to co-operate on the international projects.

The services of the RDA UR:

  1. Information from the Regional Information Centre (demographic data,
    environmental matters, tourism, transport, business environment, land and property, infrastructure, resources, etc.),
  2. Economic and social research, feasibility studies and development plans for the public and private sectors,
  3. Development, coordination and implementation of development projects (e.g. supported by European Union’s Programmes),
  4. Business consulting, system approach to programmes and projects, co-ordination of activities in compliance with regional strategy,
  5. Complex services for investors (searching for suitable land and property),
  6. Business activities, administrative work, translations, interpreting and other specialised services upon request),
  7. Support for SME: acquisition and utilisation of domestic and foreign financial resources. (e.g. from EU Programmes),
  8. Development and co-ordination of international co-operation in accordance with the EU strategy,Overall promotion of the Usti-Region.

Its capacities with regard to the interests of the logistics sector and its ability to reach out to businesses will be exploitet in the implementation of LOGICAL. The partner will organise awareness raising and participatory measures addressed to the anticipated end-users of the cloud computing device, co-ordinate business participation in the testing of the beta-version of the ICT device and in the planned Transnational Seminars, and diffuse the final „LOGICAL Cloud“ among key stakeholders in logistics in order to promote the new device’s uptake and introduction in daily routines.

RDA UR has been involved in the management, coordination and implementation of a high number of EU-funded coop-eration projects. Besides ESF, EQUAL (KOMPAS, KOMPAS2, SUPPORT, etc.), these projects have been conducted in INTERREG strands (INTERREG IIIC, – EMBRACE2) and in Cen-tral Europe (CLUSTERS CORD).The RDA UR has experience with preparing the investment into the logistic center in Lovosice.


Regionální rozvojová agentura Ústeckého kraje, a.s.
Velká Hradební 3118/48
CZ-400 02 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic

Mr Bohumil Bocian
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