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Regional Development Centre Koper

RDC Koper is the principal organization covering the territory of eight municipalities in south-west Slovenia. The centre acts as the Regional Development Agency of South Primorska region. Therefore it is responsible for regional planning, including promotion of sustainable mobility. It prepared the basic regional development document – Regional Development Programme of South Primorska Region 2007-2013, several spatial planning documents and development strategies on various fields. Besides policy planning activities RDC Koper has a coordinative role among municipalities and other development institutions in the region. It proposes priority regional tasks and prepares regional projects according to objectives defined in basic regional development plans. One of the major problems to be faced in the present programming period is the establishment of sustainable mobility scheme.

Its capacities with regard to the interests of the logistics sector and its ability to reach out to businesses will be exploitet in the implementation of LOGICAL. The partner will organise awareness raising and participatory measures addressed to the anticipated end-users of the cloud computing device, co-ordinate business participation in the testing of the beta-version of the ICT device and in the planned Transnational Seminars, and diffuse the final „LOGICAL Cloud“ among key stakeholders in logistics in order to promote the new device’s uptake and introduction in daily routines.

RDC Koper participated in several INTERREG IIIA,B,C, Phare and Leonardo da Vinci projects. It led the cross-border spatial project ORIS. It took part in entrepreneurial projects SLOHRA.ZONET (promotion of linkages between business zones), ACCESS and BON COURAGE (stimulation of cooperation between SMEs, business networks formation). Currently it is involved in 2 MED projects: TERCONMED (Mediterranean Container terminals), SECURMEDPLUS (project focused on maritime safety).


Regionalni razvojni center Koper
Župančičeva 18
SI-6000 Koper

Mr Tadej Žilič
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