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University of Leipzig

The Information Systems Institute at the University of Leipzig (ULZ) comprises three chairs with 25 researchers and the faculty’s computing centre (4 employees). The Logistics Service Engineering and Management (LSEM) research group as part of the chair of Information Management (Prof. Dr. Bogdan Franczyk) will participate in LOGICAL.

With a capacity of 10 researchers funded by different related research projects, i.e. Logistics-Service-Bus ( and InterLogGrid (, ULZ/LSEM will contribute its expertise, tech-nical and management infrastructure.The chair of Information Management as part of the Information Systems Institute focuses on topics such as Enterprise Application Integration, man-agement of large software systems, Service-Oriented Architectures, Web-/Grid Services, Cloud computing and enterprise spanning applications. Outstanding expertise concerning Logistics-ITSystems was gained by the Logistics Service Engineering and Management research group in several projects.

Jointly with the other two research institutes (University of Economics & Bay Zoltan), the University of Leipzig guides the elaboration of the cloud computing concept (Workpackage 3), provides assistance during the testing of the beta-version of the innovative ICT device (Workpackage 4) and during tasks leading to the achievement of the tool’s full service stage (Workpackage 6). Capacities as an university will furthermore be needed when capacity building activities are implemented, including the staging of one Transnational Seminar.

The partner will furthermore use its networks for the dissemination of LOGICAL results, to pass knowledge about latest technological trends quickly to the partners, and to stipulate enriching feedback about the project approach from other researchers.


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