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WP2: Communication, knowledge management and dissemination

Responsible partner: Logistics network Leipzig-Halle (PP3)

Aiming to ensure a concerted approach to communication by all partners, a common appearance (logo/corporate design), and an implementation of WP 2 activities serving the strategic objectives of LOGICAL, a Communication Plan will be elaborated for endorsement by the ISC (part of Project Manual). It is elaborated at the beginning of the project, includes a corporate design and logo to be used in all publications, and strategically arranges all activities and each partner’s tasks. A communication manager (staffed by PP 3) supervises the plan’s implementation. Dissemination activities will address the following target groups:

  1. businesses of the logistics sector,
  2. infrastructure operators,
  3. economic development promoters including public authorities,
  4. researchers,
  5. and the general public.

Main aim of all communication measures is to market the LOGICAL Cloud, e.g. awareness raising for cloud computing to ease the interoperability of operators in logistics and intermodal transport.

The communication activities comprise media and non-media related actions and specific initiatives to promote the project activities and results. Foreseen instruments include media releases and press conferences, an online presentation (including an e-learning platform), public conferences (see WP 3, 4, 6) addressing the above mentioned target groups, presentations at key events (e.g. a showcase at the transport logistics fair 2013 at Munich), and dissemination via key networks (e.g. EUROPLATFORMS). All project partners will contribute to the communication through their own platforms, web pages, and their membership in European and national organisations. Whereas communication activities first aim foremost at stakeholders and key actors in the participating regions, hub operators and cargo operators located elsewhere are in the focus of dissemination activities to raise their interest in introducing the LOGICAL Cloud in their operations.

Given the high-level innovation of cloud computing applications, all communication efforts will need to be accompanied by easily understandable explanations about the new technology and its competitive advantages (e.g. no need for software installations, accessibility from any computer with internet connection, easy data maintenance). Therefore, PP 3’s Communication Manager, will elaborate detailed guides for dissemination efforts at different project stages for each partner to use. Furthermore, the LOGICAL website will contain a demonstration platform and a learning section for interested persons of different knowledge levels to get affiliated with cloud computing technologies.