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WP4: Programming and Testing Cloud Computing in Logistics

Responsible partner: Interporto Bologna S.p.a. (PP10)

WP 4 represents the TEST IMPLEMENTATION PHASE of LOGICAL. The WP content builds upon the Transnational Cloud Architecture that is the core output of WP 3. Key elements of WP 4 are the creation of data clouds for the participating logistics hubs at Leipzig, Wroclaw, Záhony, Koper, Lovosice and Bologna, and a test phase of that beta-version of about 12 months. In a first step, the physical infrastructure of these hubs is duplicated in the virtual space. That includes capacities of cargo handled as well as the display of market dynamics. Thereafter, the consent of individual businesses is sought and their data entered. Part of the necessary programming tasks will be subcontracted to specialised service providers. The implementation of these actions is supervised by PP 4 (for Wroclaw and Lovosice), PP 7 (for Záhony and Koper) and PP 16 (for Bologna and Leipzig). They result in beta-versions of six data clouds.

Following these activities, the testing commences at all six locations. A series of launch events take place at all project locations leading to a maximum awareness of businesses and encouraging their participation. During the year-long test of the cloud computing tool, the system will be continuously optimised. In the entire phase, all partners will closely collaborate and engage in a mutual learning process after which they can jointly identify the maximum potentials of cloud computing and intercloud linking between their locations. The testing will be thoroughly evaluated through different means. Those include a statistical assessment of usage data of the cloud (number of users, number of connections to the system, amount of cargo handling organised through the cloud, etc), a short survey among business users (satisfaction with the provided system, needs for improvement), as well as a moderated workshop with all key actors.

The evaluation results are synthesised in a report that describes the functioning of the data cloud, the potentials for the optimisation of intermodal interoperability of players in logistics, and the identified shortcomings. Based on the report, PP 4, PP 7 and PP 16 will network to outline the necessary technical improvements necessary in preparation of the transnational inter-cloud link that will be established through WP 6 activities. In a nutshell, WP 4 entails the technical realisation of the cloud computing tool and the real-life testing of betaversions of an highly innovative technique by infrastructure providers and operators in logistics at all six participating locations.