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WP5: Capacity Building & Institutionalisation

Responsible partner: Bay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research (PP7)

WP 5 is implemented in parallel to the test of the beta-version of the cloud computing tool and therefore forms part of the TEST IMPLEMENTATION PHASE of the project. Whereas WP 4 covers all aspects of the technical realisation of cloud computing to promote business interoperability, WP 5 addresses human capacities and durable structures for both contractual and institutional regards. To those aims, WP 5 consists out of three main actions. The first one is comprised by a series of seminars for anticipated users of cloud computing that will be staged by PP 4 at Wroclaw, PP 7 at Budapest and PP 16 at Leipzig. These events are all aimed at a transnational target group and at the same time represent good opportunities to strengthen transnational networks and business partnerships. Project managers of all partners (Coordination Unit) participate in those seminars to assist in partnership building. The seminar materials are afterwards made available for online self-learning.

The second action aims to prepare a business model for the long-term durable management of the cloud computing tool on both local (each location’s cloud) and transnational (inter-cloud link) levels. The favourable model is a pay-per-use principle and accordingly a pricing structure with low entrance barriers in order to make the new tool affordable to small companies in the logistics sector as well. In addition, the business plan elaboration process will also identify the most appropriate body to manage the clouds and assign responsibilities for the maintenance of the transnational inter-cloud system. The model contracts are helpful tools to ensure the quick uptake and actual implementation of the new ICT device and respond to demands put forward by logistics stakeholders when their were contacted during the project preparation phase. The contracts are furthermore necessary to resolve legal and data protection concerns of cloud computing.

In the third action within WP 5, model contracts are elaborated that can govern the relations between users and infrastructure providers with regard to cloud computing as well as those that can be used to implement the beforedeveloped business model (e.g. pay-per-use principle). Ownership rights are addressed in those model contracts. In a nutshell, WP 5 activities aim at the most important non-technical aspects during the test of the beta-versions and the preparation of the full market launch of transnationally linked cloud computing tools. Key actors are enabled to use cloud computing in their daily routines, their capacities built, a durable business model elaborated, and model contracts provided as tools to make the usage of the cloud computing device a reliable option for all anticipated users.