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WP6: Transnational Market Launch of the LOGICAL Cloud

Responsible partner: Luka Koper (PP14)

WP 6 represents the MARKET INTRODUCTION PHASE of LOGICAL. It builds on the outcomes of WP 4 (technical aspects of cloud computing and tested beta-versions) and WP 5 (capacity building, business plans, model contracts) and commences after their completion. The principal aim of WP 6 is to bring the cloud computing tool to full service stage and to realise the necessary preconditions that enable a long-term usage of the system. The WP’s first activities are the realisation of improvements of the system’s technical functionality based on the conclusion reached after the finalisation of the test phase (WP 4 output). Soon after the relaunch of the improved data clouds for each participating location, displayed data is harmonised and transnational links are programmed. The latter represents a difficult technical task as only few multi-cloud systems are currently existing and a trailand-error method is assumed to be necessary.

Once the full service stage is achieved, the launch of the “LOGICAL Cloud” is addressed in public events to raise the awareness of all local actors. Further sensitising activities are realised thereafter to trigger the largest business participation possible. The introduction of cloud computing to manage freight traffic at and in between participating logistics hubs leads to competitive gains for businesses active at these locations. Improved location factors are communicated to highlight the hub’s attractiveness for businesses from the logistics sector to expand or establish their business activities there. The conclusion of contracts between cloud computing service providers, infrastructure owners, and users of the “LOGICAL Cloud” as well as of a transnational agreement for the management of the transnational links brings about a reliable fundament for a durable usage of the cloud computing device.

The WP activities are the final ones of the LOGICAL project. They therefore build on all previous activiites and are closely linked to the overall aim of the project: to durably establish a cloud computing – based tool to enhance the interoperability of logistics businesses of different sizes and handling freight through different means of transport (intermodality).